Patient Testimonials


"The lingual braces allowed me to not have the "teen" look with the metal in front of my mouth, while accomplishing the same goal of finally getting my crooked teeth straightened and has made me much more confident."  Dimitry

"I was always a little too self-conscious to get traditional braces.  When I found out about lingual braces, I knew right away that this was the answer for me. I felt very confident and comfortable knowing that most people would never know or see that I had braces.  Dr. Amy and her team have been extremely professional, thorough, and accommodating."  John L.

"As a teacher, I didn't want my braces to be seen and for the students to think of me as a kid that's why I chose lingual braces.  I can't say enough about Dr. James and her team. Since this was my third time in braces, I searched around for an orthodontist who could offer a more cosmetic approach and who was willing to talk and explain to me the concerns I had. Dr. Amy James and her staff made me feel comfortable and were very supportive. I love my new smile :-)"  Natalie C.

"I am 44 years old and speak to patients for my occupation and wouldn't feel confident with braces on the front of my teeth so I chose lingual braces.  I was very confident in the fact that my patients would not know I had braces.  Dr. Amy James and her team were very caring and helpful during the entire process."  "Kim"

"I knew I needed braces and wasn't crazy about the idea of dealing with the metal on the outside of my teeth! I was aware of invisalign but did not know if that would work for me. After going over the options it seemed like lingual braces were the way to go to get my teeth fixed.  I was thrilled to know I wouldn't have to walk around as metal-mouth for 2 years!  Dr. Amy and her team are friendly, warm, and professional.  I know I am glad I chose your practice for my orthodontic adventure!"  Nazneen M.