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All About Braces

Beautiful young woman with afro-textured hair smiling to show off her bracesIn addition to not looking good, crooked or misaligned teeth can also lead to oral health and overall health problems. Fortunately, braces can fix these problems and Art of Smile - Center for Cosmetic Orthodontics knows just how to get the job done. Many people today have mistaken notions of how braces work, so let's clear a few things up.

What's the Procedure For Getting Braces?

The first step is a consultation where Dr. James or Dr. Nanda asks you about your health and what medications you're currently using. We will also do a clinical exam, take pictures of your face and teeth, make impressions of your teeth, and possibly take x-rays. We'll use this information to determine if braces are the right option for you. If so, we will write up a treatment plan and prescribe an appliance for you.

Once you receive your braces, you'll still need to come in for appointments about once a month so we can make sure they're putting the right amount of pressure on your teeth. Dr. James or Dr. Nanda will then adjust the braces to put more pressure on your teeth, moving them closer to their intended positions.

How Long does Braces Treatment Take?

The length of braces treatment varies, but most patients wear them for 1 to 3 years. After they are removed, most patients must wear a retainer regularly for 6 months, but then only at night for several years after that.

Can Adults get Braces?

Teeth function the same regardless of age. Since the tooth straightening process of braces is the same for all ages, both children and adults can benefit from orthodontic treatment. One thing to note is that since adult bones are finished growing, adult braces treatment may take longer. As a result, some corrections in adults may need more procedures than just braces.

Can Braces Patients Play Sports?

Braces patients can play any sports, but we prescribe mouthguards for athletes who play contact sports. These custom-made mouthguards are fit over the braces to protect soft tissue in case you get hit in the mouth.

What Happens once the Braces are Removed?

After removing the braces, we will clean your teeth. She may need to take some additional x-rays and bite impressions to examine the effectiveness of the tooth straightening process. If any wisdom teeth have come in, we may need to pull them to keep your other teeth from changing position again.

We will also provide you with a retainer, a custom-made oral appliance that keeps your teeth in place after braces are removed. Until your muscles, gums, and bones adapt to the changes, your teeth can still move out of place. They can also shift after long periods of time if a retaining device is not used.

For more information, please contact our office at 267-703-7877.
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